Alex James Muscat - Desire Paths - LSR-105Desire Paths

Comes and Goes
Miss You
If You Don't Mind
Hard To Believe
My Favorite Thing
Bottom of the Ocean
Talking in the Wind
Somehow Someway
Not Much Time
Angel In My Mind

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Alex James Muscat - The Ghost of Electricity - LSR-103The Ghost Of Electricity

Not A Phase
Please Don't (Leave Me Alone)
You Know I Want To
Nothing To Lose

Paint This Town
See Me Through

Always On My Mind
Sold Your Soul (For Rock N' Roll)
Somehow Complicated
I Think I Found A Way

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Alex James Muscat - Sad Songs and Dedications - LSR-102Sad Songs and Dedications

Send It Today
One Last Ride
Dreaming On My Feet
Dog Blues
Mr. Blue
Up All Night

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Alex James Muscat - BLUEPRINT - LSR-101BLUEPRINT

The Game
Old School
Address Book
Down The Road
Earache #9
Under Ground
Free Society
Looking For You
Make My Day

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